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Obviously, teachers can give them only certain sources, should they wish, but my students are given a list of websites, including those above. Rationale why are you doing this? It gives the meeting women in Denver CO an opportunity to become a certain president — to look at presidents in a slightly different manner and to give them the experience of thinking as they did and walking around in their he for a little while.

Andrew Jackson.

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Assessment: fully explain the assessment method in detail or create and attach a scoring guide. Harry Truman.

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Course s. Dwight D. Lyndon B. Jimmy Carter.

Calendar of events

Herbert Hoover. Lesson Author. Primary sources needed document, photograph, artifact, diary or letter, audio or visual recording, etc. Presidential Speed Dating.

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Required Time Frame. Subject s.

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You will arrange students at different tables for the speed dating, each one sitting directly across from another student. Teacher can obviously make this last for longer or shorter than 2 minutes, depending on the nsa men in Alaska. Students may use any websites to find primary and secondary sources, as long as the websites are reputable which we have discussed ly.

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Day 1 — Preparation: Students pick the name of their president out flirt Inglewood a bag. It gives the students an opportunity to become a certain president — to look at presidents in a slightly different manner. Each student will get a name tag that they will put on so that everyone can easily see which students are playing which presidents.

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Students Killeen dating service to learn facts about different presidents but sometimes they have trouble relating presidents to one another and making connections over time. Ulysses S. Theodore Roosevelt. The teacher has some leeway as to whether they want to provide certain primary and secondary sources or whether they want to treat it as more of a research asment, where students can search for their own information.

Lesson Objectives - the student will. Ronald Reagan. NOTE: Depending on the class, you can have them do as much of this activity as you like.

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Cohen, Melissa. Three Branches Of Government. George H. Bill Clinton.

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Lesson Abstract. This lesson is an individual asment on the first day unless the teacher has so many students that they opt to have multiple students play a single character and a group activity on the second day. Abraham Lincoln.

Grade Level s.

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Fully describe the activity or asment in detail. Attachment Size LessonPlanCohen. What will both the teacher and the students do?