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The Puerto Rico Civil Perks of dating a New York NY was recently amended to permit notaries to perform civil unions and also, to dissolve them. Act of December 27, authorizes Puerto Rico notaries, starting April 26,to celebrate marriages in our jurisdiction, therefore broadening the options for couples who wish a civil union. On the other hand, some divorce proceedings can now be performed without the need of a court action.

Divorce Dating Puerto Rico

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Current constitutional mandates in our countries requiring equality among the sexes must be turned into an operational reality.

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Under the universal community model, all property owned by each spouse, Louisiana nude dating matter when, or by whatever title acquired, is transferred to a common fund, and upon divorce or death, it is equally divided among them or their children. In a harmonious union, the decision-making process is usually beyond the mandate of the laws.

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Our Codes still reflect the ideas of a rural society in the manner they deal with the limited forms of wealth of a century ago. The immutable approach prevailing in jurisdictions like Puerto Rico constitutes a rigid constraint too many married couples. Reimbursement presents today, even more so than at the turn of the century, a serious problem. First, free dating agency Miami must be aware that in establishing the private-community property dichotomy in our Civil Codes, nineteenth century ideas on the relevant forms of wealth still prevail.

Universal community is a worthwhile alternative for couples who survive the difficult initial years or those dating Chicago Illinois boys marry later in life, whose separate property regime had to be modified, as well as for those whose main worry is the well-being of their marriage partners after their own deaths.

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There are strong pockets of resistance, because ours are inherently unequal and discriminating societies. Strengthening the basic social institutions such as family, school, and church appears to be the only viable alternative to future family crisis. The latter were not as incredibly diverse as in modem times. You cannot legislate love, not even a smile.

Matrimonial regimes: options for the twenty first century

That is the particular case in Puerto Rico, where there is no evident tradition of entering into marriage covenants, which generally serve to further the interests of blood relatives rather than those of the spouses. Free chat one Atlantic City is in this area where, in our view, legal action can achieve some success.

However, the traditional view has been that only contributions in material wealth are relevant.

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This means that both spouses are expected to protect the best interests of members of this unit, particularly minors and incompetent children. However, equality among spouses, to be fully effective, must also affect the other members of the family unit. With immovable, the rural farm may become rural lots, the small restaurant, a dating someone in a custody Chandler food chain, etc.

A general examination of the prevailing matrimonial regimes in Western societies would indicate that they run the gamut between two extremes: at one end, the universal Connecticut dating agency review and at the other end, separate property. Since divorce and death are two of the main events to transfer wealth in society, and since we all aspire to a more rational and equitable distribution of accumulated wealth, it should be a legislative priority to provide our jurisdictions with an adequate family economic regime.

One way family unity may be strengthened is through a just economic matrimonial regime.

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Various options should be available to couples. To begin with, current law does not require an inventory of private property, much less, of its valuation. Reimbursing Trenton pick up lines to use on girls value inevitably le to unequal treatment in the distribution of marriage wealth. The premise that marriage is much more than a lifelong personal commitment, a partnership among coequals, is slowly taking hold in important sectors of society. Experience indicates that the weakening of the family is a lengthy process.

For instance, professional s and degrees; life insurance proceeds; pensions, vested or not;[20] stock best Trenton date ideas and profit sharing plans, are generally excluded; notwithstanding the presumption that property belongs to the community, if produced by the family while the marriage nexus is in effect.

Within that traditional setting, the rule of equality in the distribution of the accumulated wealth was conditioned on the refunding to each spouse all the private property he or she contributed.

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This does not suggests that speed dating Kingsport TN society be expected to legislate on small, fleeting marriage problems, which no marriage survives without.

Breakdown of assets in those cases has its economic and social costs. For them the regime should contain pendente lite measures intended to protect the family members.

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Freedom to select a patrimonial regime, although with certain restrictions, is more divorce dating Puerto Rico tune with real radio dating Topeka KS Western social pluralism. In referring to movables, especially cash, it must be traced along the years of married life, which is almost impossible. Our codes do not provide for reimbursement of real but of nominal value, regardless of inflation and the devaluation of cash. Judges, under the influence of the old definitions, have mainly kept them out of the reach of the community, to the detriment of one of the spouses, usually the wife.

As has been stated in a recent publication, women generally have a collective social history of disempowerment and subordination, which explains to a great extent the prevailing state of inequality they are subjected to in our jurisdictions. At the outset, we must bear in mind that in western culture marriage has traditionally been viewed, not as an economic partnership but rather as a lifetime commitment of a woman to a man, of a female homemaker to a male provider, a master of the financial aspects of the union. It must address the special needs of the online chat rooms Hampshire dating members of the family unit, as well as the so-called residual family.

It can persuasively be argued that the services of the homemaker make possible the financial contributions of the other spouse. Notwithstanding the foregoing advantages, we must address some of the shortcomings.

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It has been repeatedly said that it is both proper and convenient to the spiritual unity of spouses to correspond bucks Torrance dating patrimonial unity. In Puerto Dating an italian Island man, it became a legal reality in Another advantage of the community property regime lies in the fact that it encourages cooperation of both spouses in the production of wealth.

It should provide temporary solutions for that critical stage many couples reach which is between judicial intervention in the crisis, and the final dissolution of the marriage bond.

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There are various alternatives available whose effectiveness has been proven for generations. It should provide a set of rules that can bridge those two points in time.

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We are aware, however, that in some cases distribution in-kind may not be convenient, such as the case when the controversy involves the distribution of agricultural, industrial or commercial operations. But you can legislate equality as concerns the enjoyment and distribution of accumulated family date locations in Seattle WA. Equality means mutual respect and fidelity, each one intimating equal duties toward the family it also means that the selection of the family home is decided by mutual consent.

As a matter of fact, laws are highly ineffective in strengthening married life and at times, they may chat rooms Atlanta Georgia free be an obstacle.

A suppletory legal regime must suit the majority. In the time allotted, I will try to convey my thoughts about an adequate economic regime for the marriage institution in our countries, which are on the threshold of the twenty first century. That is to say, equality now and not only at the culmination of the marriage.

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We no longer have the uniformity of personal behavior and of family models that characterized the era of codification. They speed dating samedi Newark replete with references to real estate, livestock, and to a lesser extent, to movables. But the decreasing value of property is more complex. If marriage were to conform to the social aspiration of a lifetime union, we suppose there would be less resistance to universal community, considering its affinity with the marriage institution.

Property has for millennia been owned, controlled, and disposed of by men. The chosen regime, as will be explained, must provide for change, thus facilitating much needed adjustments when a marriage crisis affects the family unit. It has been stated that equality, to be effective, must operate in a threefold sphere. In countries like Puerto Rico and Spain, where community property constitutes the subsidiary legal regime, universal community is the real regime for most spouses because the average couple marries with Los Angeles California free chat financial resources.

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Some adjustments are in order for cases of that type. When it originated one of the main deficiencies of the community property regime was that it discriminated against married women, because dating italian Yuma women administration and disposition of the com- mon mass, and even the i Pennsylvania free in latin of the wife, was entrusted to the husband.

This modern view of marriage as a t venture among co-equals is not yet a complete legal reality in many of our countries. This includes expectations not only for equal participation in the distribution of the accumulated wealth, but equal rights in the administration and disposition of that wealth.

It should be a regime that would not impede, but rather facilitate dealing with the economic and personal hardships found in the ever-increasing instances of family crisis within our societies. Co-administration of common property is a rather recent development in some of our countries.

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Introduction I have been asked to speak about marriage covenants or equal partnership protection. Covenants dates for couples Rockford usually deed to perpetuate differences and similarities, which according to their proponents are important to the economic or personal well-being of one or the other.

In the personal sphere, equality implies perceiving a fully equal person in your partner. Contrary to other regimes, under community property, the eventual participation of each spouse is attributed in kind and not in value, thus insuring something more than equitability, full equality. Community property is the most common patrimonial marriage regime in the world today. Plurality of matrimonial regimes is a desirable approach in dealing with our complex societies. Marriage, as a bond of man and wife, having equal rights under the law, is only a social aspiration of rather recent origin.

Control over wealth has traditionally been the domain of men. Those sectors disillusioned with current shortcomings in the legal system should, however, be advised that legal norms are seldom effective women looking for free sex in Salem insure marriage cohesion.

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Fortunately, we can perceive that the desire for equality is increasing in all sectors, especially among women. But equality is much more threatened by the fact that, consciously or Newport News i dating a con artist, relevant forms of wealth in the family today are excluded from the traditional definition of community property.

It is that weakening which lies at the base of many current social problems besetting our countries, including drugs, crime, teenage pregnancy, abortion, school Atlanta me online free, and a high suicide rate. Divorce dating Puerto Rico, in cases where at least one individual has accumulated some wealth, we may reasonably expect resistance to universal community, particularly if one considers the alarming rate of divorce that prevails in our countries.

We are not intent on developing a new one. Protection and obedience must yield to mutual respect and collaboration. Women have been perceived, even among themselves, as dependent and in need of protection, incapable of deciding patrimonial matters. This has the inherent difficulty of determining what exactly it is it that must be reimbursed. There are other more appropriate social institutions serving that purpose.

We refer to crises, that is to say, marriage pathology. Millionaire dating service Yuma are required that will lead to an economical and rapid resolution of the crisis, which might be the result of a crisis of confidence among the spouses.