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They came from various ethnic groups descended from several waves of ancestors who came to the island in succession, beginning as early as 3, B. But a century after the colonizers arrived, official traces of these indigenous peoples were all but impossible to find. Under a regime of forced relocations, starvation, disease, and slavery, their s plummeted.

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Puerto Rico was in the grip of a public-health crisis well before Maria barreled ashore in September.

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This slowly unfolding public-health crisis lacks the drama of the major outbreaks predicted in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria, but presents tremendous challenges. For example, among people in Puerto Rico ages seventy pagan dating Tennessee older, the death rate for the period September-October was 27 percent higher incompared to years. Additional analyses suggest similar figures.

Popular Latest. But the hurricane was a very large disaster. The major—and ongoing—financial and energy crunch that forced Congress Henderson aged online dating pass a bailout bill in early also hamstrung many health-care facilities. The rolling blackouts and damaged infrastructure are just one component of the health-care situation.

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A New York Times review of daily mortality rates found just over 1, more people died during and after the storm than expected. Primary care and dialysis services across the island ground to a halt. Excess deaths were also concentrated in nursing homes where the s of deaths were 45 percent higher in than in and emergency departments where there was best Gainesville to meet friends in a new city 41 percent increase.

KFF also reports that the physical health needs of those remaining on the island have increased since the storm.

Perhaps the most alarming finding is the increased burden of mental-health problems following Hurricane Maria. And even as recovery stretches on, the bodies are counted, and the public-health system scrambles to avoid capsizing, the next hurricane season looms just a couple months away. There are still plenty of ificant health-care challenges on the island that stem from Maria.

Infant mortality has always been higher on the island than interracial dating Mission or the mainland.

Other reports find that dialysis patients— especially in rural places where local hospitals have been destroyed or incapacitated —are facing worsening outcomes. Even in the best of circumstances, Maria would have created a public-health catastrophe, but what ensued was worse than it needed to be. The infectious-disease burden is also higher than on the mainland, with forests and damp places on the island serving as reservoirs for old tropical-fever diseases that have all but been forgotten on the north side of the Caribbean.

New evidence details the ongoing dating Pembroke Pines FL guy fallout from the storm over half a year later.

A series of dating a Mobile rican female with residents and other stakeholders found a heavy reliance on temporary shelters and tarps among many Puerto Ricans, continuing financial instability, and disruption of daily health care. Newkirk II. In all, what Hurricane Maria encountered was a system perched only a small disaster away from complete chaos.

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In Subscribe. Zika had become endemic in the humid, tropical climate over a year beforeand like many of the illnesses emerging on the island, it took advantage of a health-care system that lay in shambles.

Second-class citizens: how d.c. and puerto rico lose out on democracy

The official death toll of people drowned in floods, killed by landslides, caught in collapsed houses, or who perished from environmental or health problems in the immediate aftermath of the storm seven months ago sits at By just Greensboro NC ladies dating service all s, that is an undercount by at least an order of magnitude. The Atlantic Crossword. A comprehensive analysis released yesterday by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds evidence of ificant progress since last winter, but also some lingering problems settling in.

Puerto Rico has experienced mass outmigration to the mainland over the past few decades, leaving behind on the island a population that is disproportionately elderly and sick. An NPR story finds that among the remaining elderly residents, access to long-term support and nursing is declining.

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Courts are closed. One difficulty in making these grisly calculations is that Puerto Ricans are still dying from Hurricane Maria.

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Puerto Rico simply cannot abide another hit from a hurricane while it recovers. The sole constant for many people is that there are no constants; no real ability to set health-care routines and engage in healthy behaviors. Doctors initially performed surgery in darkness. It was emblematic of a health-care system hobbled by crumbling infrastructure and evaporating municipal funds.

Puerto Rico has a health profile places to go on dates in Yuma akin to developing countries and poor communities of color than to the United States as a whole.

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Mental-health professionals are noticing a marked increase in suicides. During his visit to Puerto Rico in May of that yearthen-Treasury Secretary Jack Lew toured a major hospital with leaking ceilings, faltering electricity, supply delays in life-saving medications, and a backlog of dialysis patients. With many people in rural areas being exposed meet friends Kansas contaminated water, Puerto Rico faced a fatal outbreak of the fever disease leptospirosis.

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Experts sounded the alarm about the mental-health problems that could emerge as residents dealt with both the trauma of the storm and recovery, and with the deaths of loved ones and friends. In particular, we have found that the excess deaths were concentrated among older age groups.

But even when the lights are on and hospitals run smoothly, demographic, geographic, and political features all Joliet IL dating culture to a slate of inherent health challenges. Still, it remains possible that an improved financial plan and outlook, along with increased meet Vista ricans online to sustainable energy, assistance from the federal government, and massive public-health campaigns from the Puerto Rican governmentcould combine to right the ship.

The progress that has been made, though, is extraordinarily fragile.

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In the same three-month period, the hotline received 9, calls from people who said that they had thought about attempting suicide—an 83 percent jump from the same time last year. People drank water Kalamazoo ladies free dating Superfund sites, and pollution and trash sprawled across the island. The most recent blackout again disrupted lives, while exposing thousands to hazardous pollutants.